Kob-i In Singapore

Kob-i #11 : Bubble tea

Kob-i Bubble Tea NFTs showcase many bubble tea flavours and variations. 

Bubble tea is one of the most famous drinks in Asia, and though it may not have originated in Singapore, these drinks are now deeply embedded in the culture. 

Bubble tea is usually made by adding fruit syrup or milk to cold tea and shaking the drink. Chewy tapioca balls or “pearls” are often added, requiring extra-large straws with extra-large holes when drinking bubble tea. 

When lockdowns were announced during the pandemic, there were snaking queues at bubble tea stores so that people could get one last taste of it before what would be a 3-month lockdown. 

Even now, it would not be a strange sight to see bubble tea stores packed to the brim with patrons, and one’s love for all things bubble tea is what makes them uniquely Singaporean. 

Like all things that resonate with folks in Singapore, what people truly appreciate is the variety. 

There is a bubble tea drink for everyone, and you can check out Bubble Tea Kob-i here!