Kob-i In Singapore

Kob-i #10 : Chili Crab

Kob-i’s Chilli Crab NFTs pictures one of Singapore’s favourite local dishes — chilli crab.

 First invented in the mid-1950s by Cher Yam Tian, the dish has remained popular ever since and is sought after by people travelling from all corners of the globe into the Lion City. 

 The dish consists of fried mud crabs and is often served with fried dough known as mantou. 

These scrumptious crabs are served in chilli and tomato-based gravy to accentuate their flavour. A common way of eating is to sop up the spicy sweet and sour sauce with the bread before chowing down on the crab itself. It’s a messy affair, but it’s also delicious.