Kob-i In Singapore

Kob-i #01 : Mama Shop

 The Mama Shop Kob-i NFT is a tribute to the iconic mama shops around Singapore. 

“Mama shops” were convenience stories traditionally owned and operated by some folks that came from India, hence the name “mama” or “uncle” in Tamil. 

These shops were ubiquitous in the 1980s and early ’90s, selling almost everything from spices, canned foods, magazines and newspapers, or even steaming hot curry puffs and other snacks. They were patronised by people from all backgrounds in Singapore and became a symbol of Singaporean culture. 

Today, even though they are less common, they can be found as mini-marts located under HDBs. Sadly, these shops are scarce due to the growth of convenience stores, but with a Mama Shop Kob-i NFT you can have your very own piece of Singaporean history!