Kob-i In Singapore

Kob-i #18 : People of Sentosa

The People of Sentosa Kob-i NFTs shed light on the various professionals who keep Sentosa Island and its facilities and theme parks running. 

 Sentosa is an island well known for its attractions such as the many hotels, theme parks such as Universal Studios, and fun rides like the Luge. These attractions make Sentosa a must-see destination for tourists visiting Singapore, and true enough, almost 9 million people visited the island in recent years! 

 The cable car is a common choice of transportation to get there, and while on it, one can get a beautiful view of the island.

What about the people behind all the rides and attractions, however? The men and women who manage the rides and transportation often go unnoticed, but with the People of Sentosa Kob-i NFT, you can give them the recognition that they deserve!